In his busy life, Copi is a father who tries to teach the right way to his son, Paste. But...what is the correct path?


Ester and Joy share a desk in a huge studio. Their daily task is painting patterns on porcelain cream jugs - all day, every day. One day Ester's creative experience is dampened when she is told that her day’s work needs to be redone. Plunged into the mind-bending stages of exhaustion from working all night, something unexpected emerges.

Drifting Away

Paul dreams of going sailing with his father. Sinking into depression, his father begins to literally dissolve right before his family’s eyes. Pervaded with a deep melancholy, the film also reveals a sense of hope as Paul helps his father along his journey.

Advisory: this film deals with mental wellness.


A couple of precocious mice don a new identity to steal some cheese from the counter. Fred is short and sweet, and rivals the most inventive Pixar bumpers.


A dim bulb travels around the brain following a lost thought and discovers what it takes to make a great idea.


An Inuit woman becomes the first person to ever be featured in a choreographed snowshoe dance video.

I Am Here

Oscar-shortlisted director Eion Duffy offers up a thoughtful and open-ended exploration of existence with his trademark, thought provoking, minimalist style. In I Am Here, a mysterious traveller has seen the origin of the universe, yet his experience lands on deaf ears.

I Am Not A Mouse

Every time Lucy is called 'Mouse' by her Mum, she turns into a real mouse! She doesn't care for her pet name-- or being a mouse. What is Lucy going to do?

Ingrid And The Black Hole

Ingrid experiences a lifetime of memories with Conrad as they imagine what it would be like to travel through a black hole. Recalling some of her happiest and darkest moments, Ingrid’s memories morph into a fond and impressionistic portrait of her past. Ingrid & the Black Hole is an exploration of Alzheimer’s from the perspective of a woman living with the disease.


For generations the Face Changers have been responsible to make clay tokens to alter the faces of their kin. Someone must make the traditional journey to ensure the future. This time the youngest in the family is tasked with taking the ten thousand footsteps to the top of the east mountain, thus engulfing the town in the winds of change.