Black Lives Matter Vancouver

We can sometimes find ourselves lulled into believing that racism doesn't exist in Canada the way it does in other countries, and the question arises: What is the purpose of BLM in Vancouver? With an intersectional approach to that question, BLMV addresses systemic oppression, not just the blatant racism that we may believe no longer exists.

Bright Spots

A poetic documentary/portrait of scientist Nick Holmes and his work preventing extinctions on islands.

Do I Have Boobs Now?

Courtney Demone is challenging the censorship policies of social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. We witness the arbitrary censorship she faces online as her body changes. This short documentary is the kernel of a larger project in the works about Ms. Demone's advocacy and personal experience during the period of her transition. 


Discussing her journey to come out to her Lebanese-Palestinian family, Hayfa and her mother reminisce on her mother’s journey to become an ally to her.


When Lisa comes home early from a trip, she discovers that her sublet has taken over not only her room, but also her life. In this grim escalating story of jealousy and self-sabotage, we discover how easy it can be to tailspin into a toxic mess, figuratively…and quite literally.

Let Us End With It Too

In the midst of a dying relationship, Sarah realizes that she may be falling out of love with her partner. She subsequently withdraws into herself in order to face her emotions and interpret them before acting on a potentially detonative thought. Handled with patience and care, director Caisha Lee finds a hyper realistic truth in each of her characters and "the division between intending and departing."


This animated documentary tells the life story of an unhappily domesticated chimpanzee named Lucy, and the extreme sacrifices one woman made to set her free.

Mo's Bows

Most sixth graders count their accomplishments in terms of trophies and medals, but not Moziah 'Mo' Bridges. He tracks his achievements by the number of bow ties he has sold to local Memphis vendors that stock his bows--Mo’s Bows.

Nine Behind

Hungarian with English subtitles.

Alone in her Vancouver apartment, a young woman calls her estranged grandfather in Budapest, ostensibly to ask about his career in the Hungarian film industry for a school project. The conversation shifts, becoming an attempt to fill a generational gap and a chance for her to reconnect with her family’s history.

Nothing About Moccasins

Rien sur les mocassins

In French and Atikamekw with English subtitles.

Telling a story that can't be told, Eden Mallina Awashish’s inventive documentary reveals the importance of a pair of familial moccasins, and offers a new dimension to understanding heritage. Awashish’s storytelling centers on the idea of cultural loss, and creates a record of the resolve to protect Atikamekw tradition.