Play Your Gender

In English. No subtitles.


Women account for less than 5% of producers and engineers, even though many of the most bankable stars in the industry are female. While celebrating women’s achievements, director Stephanie Clattenburg and musician Kinnie Starr take us on a quest to understand how it came to be that the gendered authorship gap exists. These candid and insightful discussions, with some of Canada’s best known artists, will have you drumming along in your seat and leave you inspired to follow your art.

Smoke That Travels

English and Potawatomi with English surtitles

Through the use of original music, dance, culture, and color, this personal documentary explores preservation and loss of Native American culture along with the filmmaker's identity as Prairie Band Potawatomi.


Stop-motion animation can be complex or simple, but it starts in the same place: your imagination. Director Ainslie Henderson builds a musical world of pure artistry from found objects. Stems won the prestigious McLaren Award for Best New Animation.



In French with English subtitles.

Ten-year-old Josephine has one foot in childhood and the other in adolescence. Astonishingly brilliant, and charming, she puts into words the changes happening inside her as well as around her: her body and her relationships. She reminds us of the joy of childhood freedom and imagination.

Your Mother And I

Johnna's Mom and Dad (Don McKellar) changed the world. Or so her father says. Whilst they are speaking, Johnna and her dad can’t seem to connect, each growing more and more frustrated with one another. Based on a David Eggers short story of the same name, Your Mother and I reveals the small familial moments that belie larger tensions between generations.