Brothers of the Wind

In English. No subtitles.


This eagle’s story begins in the nest where natural wonders come to life; on the ground the dangers of survival are imminent. Living with his overbearing widowed father, Lukas secretly fosters an eagle chick with the help of his gentle neighbour (Jean Reno), who offers some much needed affection denied at home. A unique friendship is hatched as they train the eagle together. This film is a visually splendid and gripping feast of nature images. We recommend watching the teaser trailer!


In German and Swiss-German with English subtitles.*
*A limited number of headsets are available for those who would prefer to have subtitles read aloud by an experienced reader. Please inquire to reserve headsets at the time of booking.


In this fresh take on the classic story about a precocious orphan girl, Heidi is sent to live with her mysterious grandfather (Bruno Ganz) in the Swiss Alps. With cinematically striking and bucolic landscapes, grand set design, and lush costumes, Heidi is an epic tale about friendship, family, and following your instincts.

Louise by the Shore

In French with English subtitles.


Alone in the small Breton seaside resort town where she habitually spends her summers, septuagenarian Louise (voiced by Dominique Frot) realizes that she’s stranded; the last train has departed without her. On her own for a season, she ruminates on her childhood and mortality. Louise’s vigor for life, gentleness, and endearing idiosyncrasies make for a captivating, minimal portrait of a woman who is literally and figuratively at one with herself.

Preceded by: Mamie | Janice Nadeau | Canada | 2016 | 6min

This personal and touching animation is about the break in ‘passing things on’ between generations.


Mamie lives in Gaspésie, Québec, in a house that faces away from the sea. Her granddaughter wonders why it’s so difficult for her Mamie to show her affection. In this wondrous animation, filmmaker Janice Nadeau draws from her own childhood memories to share a personal and touching story about the break in ‘passing things on’ between her and her grandmother.

Pat & Mat

No dialogue.


In the tradition of Buster Keaton and Charlie Chaplin, these universally loved handymen are a couple of well intentioned, inventor types that come up with illogical solutions to simple home problems, with often ridiculous and offbeat outcomes.  With no dialogue or subtitles everyone can enjoy the zany problem-solving confusion. It’s a knee-slapping good time that’s fun for the whole family!


In French and Russian with English subtitles.


At the height of her prospects with the Bolshoï Academy, Polina yearns to step beyond the rigid structures of ballet. After much examination, her deepest artistic voice pushes her toward contemporary dance. Starring Juliette Binoche (Chocolat), Niels Schneider (Heartbeats), the Paris Opera Ballet’s Jérémie Bélingard, and newcomer Anastasia Shevtsova.

Preceded by: Being and Nothingness | Alejandro Alvarez Cadilla | Canada | 8min

Examining the nature of human identity, Guillaume Côté choreographs The National Ballet of Canada’s principal dancer, Greta Hodgkinson.