Digital Literacy Panel: Women in Media

Thursday, April 6 | 9:30 AM - 11:00 AM | VIFF VANCITY THEATRE


What happens when we reduce the experiences of women and girls to clichés or stereotypes, or silence them altogether? Women are seen on the silver-screen, and many of the top grossing films in recent memory star women (The Hunger Games, Bridesmaids, Hidden Figures). Yet women still face unprecedented hurdles to working at the top of their fields. While women generally may not receive recognition for their cultural contributions, they have always been present in every creative field (e.g. film, comics, games, literature, and music). We’ll focus the spotlight on some unlikely platforms (e.g. Youtube, Netflix, Kickstarter, and Patreon), which have allowed women artists and creators to shine. 

Panelists will discuss their role as filmmakers, and share their take on women’s representation in media. Students will walk away from the morning panel and afternoon screening with: concrete examples of gender imbalance in our culture, an understanding of how this gap is normalized, some uplifting data which indicates a cultural shift, and awareness of how they can make postive steps toward equality. Join us to discuss these white hot issues! 

Stephanie Clattenburg's documentary Play Your Gender will screen after the Youth Filmmakers Showcase, at 6:30 PM, followed by a Q&A with Clattenbourg and Kinnie Starr.



Jenna Brown is an animator and illustrator who works in Vancouver. Jenna graduated from Emily Carr University of Art and Design, and teaches courses to teens and youth about animation, film, and game design. She is fascinated by new innovations in media, technology, and storytelling. In her free time Jenna likes to draw, and probably spends too much time reading Marvel comics.






Stephanie Clattenburg is a writer-director with over 12 years experience in the film and television industry. She has recently completed her first feature length film, which is screening at R2R, a documentary about the gender bias in the music industry titled Play Your Gender. Aside from her directing work she is also a camera operator and editor for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. An accomplished shooter, Clattenburg has directed behind-the-scenes featurettes for several feature films and has edited many short films as a freelance editor. In addition to her career in media production, Stephanie is a professional musician, and is a drummer for: The Superfantastics, Two Deaths, and SheMachine. Clattenburg made her acting debut in 2014 when she starred in Andrea Dorfman’s Heartbeat, which premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival. She is currently in post production for her time travel themed short film, Play Rewind Play.


Jen Sungshine speaks for a living, but lives for breathing life into unspoken situations in unusual places. As a queer Taiwanese artist-activist based in Vancouver, BC, she is grateful to live, breathe, dance and work on the unceded, occupied and ancestral lands of the Coast Salish people. A facilitator by trade, she works with creative technology and social justice media to evolutionize and revolutionize QTBIPOC (Queer, Trans, Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour) visibility and community-based work through Love Intersections, Our City of Colours, Out in Schools and the Social Justice Institute at the University of British Columbia. Sungshine has three short films in the festival this year and two of them play in the New Perspectives program: Hayfa and Black Lives Matter Vancouver. Her artistic practice involves learning through unlearning; instead of calling you out, she wants to call you in, to make artful social change with her. In the audience, she looks for art in your interruption.

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Drawing from her Neshnaabe, Chinese, and Dutch-Indonesian heritage, Kayla Briët is a 20 year old filmmaker, composer, and storyteller. She is passionate about fusing the arts and sciences and telling emotionally vulnerable, personal stories through multiple mediums. Recently, Briët was named a 2016 National YoungArts Foundation Winner in Cinematic Arts, a 2016 MIT Chamber Scholar for her interest in blockchain technology, a 2016 Oculus Launch Pad Artist for virtual reality, a 2016 Adobe Creativity Scholar, and a 2016 Sundance Film Festival Ignite Fellow. Briët is excited to be giving her first TED Talk in Vancouver, at the end of April. Her film Smoke That Travels has screened to numerous audiences internationally and it plays in R2R’s New Perspectives program following the panel.




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