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In German and Swiss-German with English subtitles.*
Are you new to subtitled films? Don't worry! A limited number of headsets are available for those who would prefer to have subtitles read aloud by an experienced reader. Please inquire to reserve headsets for your class at the time of booking.


Heidi is one of the most beloved and best-selling books ever written. Director Alain Gsponer’s fresh take on this classic tale conjures everything that is magical about the precocious orphan girl who is sent to live with her mysterious grandfather (Bruno Ganz, Downfall) in the Swiss Alps. When Heidi is whisked away by her aunt to a posh house in the city, her worldview expands rapidly. A term of Heidi’s lodging and education is that she is expected to provide companionship to Clara, the lonely, wheelchair-bound daughter of this well-to-do family. This is hardly a chore since goofing around with her new friend is decidedly fun, and Heidi is up for adventure. Ultimately, she finds herself caught between her friendship with Clara, and longing for the freedom of mountain life. With cinematically striking and bucolic landscapes, grand sets, and lush costumes, Heidi is an epic tale of friendship, family, and following your instincts.

Recommended for ages 9+

Themes: trusting yourself, accessibility, friendship, economic disparity, social and emotional development, nature, grief

Advisory: some mildly coarse language

Note: This film screens as part of our    program for grades 4-7. 

Trailer (English subtitles): TBA
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Brothers of the Wind

In English. No subtitles.


This eagle’s story begins in the nest where natural wonders come to life and the dangers of survival are imminent. The first-born chick pushes his brother from the cliff to certain doom on the forest floor. But fate intervenes, and the fledgling is found by a young boy, Lukas, living modestly in the mountains with his overbearing and widowed father. In secret, he cares for the eagle, which he names Abel. While Lukas has struggled to speak ever since his mother died, Abel’s presence offers the much needed affection denied to him at home. He eventually befriends his wise and caring neighbour (Jean Reno, Leon: The Professional) who takes Lukas under his wing and helps him process his grief by training the eagle. Soon the day will come when Lukas must release Abel back into the wild, so they may both learn to survive on their own.

Brothers of the Wind is a visually splendid and tensely gripping feast of nature images. The filmmakers have won a number of cinematography awards for their spectacular work (we recommend watching the teaser trailer, listed below!). As graphic as the natural world may appear, no animals were harmed in the making of this film; it has even received the stamp of approval from the World Wildlife Foundation.

Recommended for ages 10+

Themes: nature, trusting yourself, friendship, emotional development, grief, elders, abandonment,  love

Note: This film screens as part of our    program for grades 4-7.


Advisory: Animals are caught and eaten by other animals, which may upset younger viewers. The young eagle has a few close encounters with predators, including it’s brother. Lukas’ father has a strong character, and expresses his grief through misdirected anger.


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