Animation Without Hesitation



Overcoming fears and obstacles with creativity, critical thinking and perseverance, the characters in these short films may hesitate, but their creators do not. This group of exceptional animators takes us on trip to their bold, poetic, and extremely diverse worlds.

Themes: mystery and wonder, change, fear, music, animals

Recommended for grades 4-7

This program screens as part of REEL FOCUS for elementary schools.


In his busy life, Copi is a father who tries to teach the right way to his son, Paste. But...what is the correct path?


Our fears follow us everywhere. Sooner or later we need to learn to embrace them.


A couple of precocious mice don a new identity to steal some cheese from the counter. Fred is short and sweet, and rivals the most inventive Pixar bumpers.


For generations the Face Changers have been responsible to make clay tokens to alter the faces of their kin. Someone must make the traditional journey to ensure the future. This time the youngest in the family is tasked with taking the ten thousand footsteps to the top of the east mountain, thus engulfing the town in the winds of change.

Old Man

An old man confronts his greatest fear, and is literally consumed by it.


When Sabaku's best friend, the buffalo, passes away, he needs to find himself a new friend. He tries connecting with different species, but soon finds out it isn't as easy as it seems.


Stop-motion animation can be complex or simple, but it starts in the same place: your imagination. Director Ainslie Henderson builds a musical world of pure artistry from found objects. Stems won the prestigious McLaren Award for Best New Animation.

The Owl And The Lemming

In the tradition of Inuit oral storytelling, a young owl is ready to eat the lemming it found for dinner, but will the clever lemming have the last laugh? Viewers may be familiar with the classic Co Hoedeman adaptation of the story; in this updated version, the audience is invited to take on the lemming’s perspective.

The Teeny-Weeny Fox

Le Renard Minuscule

No dialogue.

In the middle of a luscious garden, a teeny-weeny fox meets a mischievous little girl with a watering can and some magic seeds. Whatever she waters, it sprouts, grows, and thrives. By coincidence, they realise they can grow objects too. The clever little devils think up all sorts of things to do.

Trial And Error

On a quest to replace his lost shirt button, the creative hero of this short film encounters perfectionist aunts, busy cats, startled parrots, and a long-lost friend. Finding a good fit isn't always easy, and sometimes you find an odd fit that works in its own strange way.